3 ways to reconnect with your inner child

If adulthood has turned out to be sleep deprivation and bills and a Successful Career that bores your tits off...

reconnect with your child self and she will show you the way out. 🦄

You might blame your younger self for the decisions she made when she was looking for security or approval, and listening to advice over intuition.

But imagine you are punishing a child for making a mistake.

Maybe you have sent her to her room for long enough.

It's time to open the door again and soften towards her.

She is the one who holds the map to the road-not-taken-yet.

Some ways to reconnect with your inner child:

✨️ journal about who you were as a child / teenager. What did you love? What did you want more than anything? What would you be psyched to know about your grownup self now?

🍨 find some beloved childhood objects and old diaries to jog your memory.

🦄 do something fun that you loved or always wanted to do as a kid. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

She's right there waiting for you.


P.S. this is part of the way I help my Astro-Empowerment coaching clients, the secretly magical women of Corporate America who are ready to be bravely authentic and make a career change from their truth.

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