Burnout is about the SOUL

Burnout does not only happen in body and mind.

It’s about the soul. 🔥

When I quit a full-time job to freelance in 2016, I was burnt out.

Taking on projects on a freelance basis gave me the space for the soul-level healing that I needed.

At first I couldn’t do much of anything. I was too depressed. I probably stayed in bed for the first week or two. That level of exhaustion is symptomatic of burnout.

Our workplaces and healthcare spaces often don’t have language for the soul. But I think the term “burnout” inadvertently references the dimming of a person’s spirit.

Fire is often used as a metaphor for passion, inspiration, and aliveness.

The soul is a flame, and it needs an environment of spiritual fulfillment — the oxygen that feeds that flame.

Workplaces and other environments that are misaligned with a person’s soul…they lack such oxygen. And without air to breathe, the flame burns out.

After quitting, I began to deepen my spiritual practices as a way of healing myself, and found along the way that I recovered my passion.

My soul now burns bright.

I have energy.

My days are aligned with my purpose. 🔥🔥🔥

I was also receiving professional treatment for depression at the same time. I don’t want to make it seem like spirituality solved all of my problems because it didn’t!

Still, I find that the clients I help are sometimes in a stage of burnout with their work and life.

These clients feel a need for more oxygen to feed their soul-flame.

They are successful women who crave spiritual nourishment, passion, fun, and more freedom to explore their creativity.

They are magical creatures in a mundane world. Born to dance with fairies in the forest but forced to answer emails. 🧚

The good news is, you can re-ignite your inner fire without burning everything down and running away into the forest!! I promise.

You can have a magical soul and still exist in the real world.

You just need to feed your soul a little more often.

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