The Venus Pleasure Challenge Summer 2024

I'm inviting all perfectionists, former people-pleasers, and modern mystics to my upcoming party...

21 fun days of centering pleasure, prioritizing rest, and reconnecting with joy.

That's right, the Venus Pleasure Challenge is back!

If you participated in the five-day free version and liked it, you're in luck!

And if you didn't get to do it in 2022, now you have even more of an experience to savor.

Because it's almost SUMMER! The season of fun and play.

It's the perfect time to make space for pleasure.

What if, starting June 21, you could...

🌹 Sustainably create space for daily ease, so you no longer rely on one annual vacation to recharge

🌹 Give yourself permission to chill out and do nothing while cultivating deep presence with yourself

🌹 Connect with your inner child to enjoy the lightness and fun of play in adulthood

🌹 Learn a sustainable pleasure practice to relax the body and calm the nervous system

From June 21 - July 12, I will send participants one pleasurable activity for the day.

These are designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less, or extended for more time at your leisure, and can also be completed at your own pace.

+ I'll be doing two live calls for the group, and inviting members to a private community to share their experiences!

Did I mention this challenge is currently on pre-sale for only $77? Through June 14.

Click here to join.

I'm looking forward to a fun experience!


P.S. Check out my recent podcast episode on Venus, Initiation, and Pleasure!

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